Welcome to The Charmer Boutique, LLC! 

Who we are and how we started.

Growing up, our home was filled with crystals and plants. I remember being intrigued by crystals since I was small, always finding them fascinating. When I was younger I didn't realize each had a specific energy to them, or the ability to help heal, but I had a lot to learn. The bonus of being surrounded by plants always just felt homey to me; welcoming, inviting, and relaxing.

Fast forward to my mid-thirties. I had been working as a Registered Nurse for 13 years when a pandemic hits. It turned my world upside down for many months. Life was beyond stressful. Searching for ways to cope and reduce anxiety, I began meditating and doing yoga. This was the begining of my holistic journey.

My Aunt Alexa is a Reiki Master, and growing up I would watch her perform her sessions, and could feel the positive energy fill the room she was working in. After explaining to her my stresses, she suggested I begin taking Reiki courses. Without much hesitation, and a ton of extra time on my hands at home, I enrolled in a Reiki course.

Around the same time I began crafting my air plant sun catchers, also as a means of destressing and refocusing my attention to positivity. With this, I realized I could truly combine my passion for crystals, plants, and Reiki into these unique pieces. I began blessing each piece with Reiki energy. The items I was creating were truly crafted with the intention of bringing holistic healing to others with these high-vibrational pieces. I wanted to bring a sense of peace, calmness, and beauty to others.

These charming pieces were how The Charmer Boutique, LLC started.